Deferral of credit card purchases in equal monthly installments

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You have made a big purchase and you want to repay it in equal monthly installments?

UBB gives its clients the opportunity to pay in monthly installments for their purchases, made with a credit card.The payment of each purchase, exceeding BGN 100 and made with your credit card, can be deferred in 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly installments.

All you need to do is contact UBB's Call Centre prior to the date of your card's monthly statement or login your profile in UBB's e-banking.

The mechanism for deferral in equal monthly installments is applicable to purchases, complying with the following conditions:

  • Minimum value BGN 100;
  • Posted as accounting entries;
  • Lacking repayment whatsoever;
  • The purchase should be made after the date of the recent account statement and prior to the date of the next account statement.
  • Purchases, bearing international transaction code 7995 (betting and gambling) shall not be subject to deferral.

There will be no surcharge for purchases, deferred via UBB’s new service. You will only pay a fee, as per UBB’s Fees and Commissions Tariff for Individual Clients.


* This service is accessible only within the Bank’s working hours 

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